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  • n. a firearm configuration in which both the action and magazine are located behind the trigger and alongside the shooter's face, so there is no wasted space for the buttstock as in conventional designs.


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  • I thought the bullpup stock was a slick design (if ugly), then there is the MG42 conversion in Sportsmans Guide.

    Why I'm Not Buying a Black Rifle

  • I don't consider the Barret a true bullpup, but I would still love to have one.

    Beretta 391

  • Who cares about the technicality of a bullpup design?

    Barrett Model 98B

  • Maybe along with a history they could provide a definition of bullpup.

    Barrett Model 98B

  • The first bullpup 'design was in a bolt action form in 1901.

    Barrett Model 98B

  • I am not sure how this would be considered a bullpup?

    Barrett Model 98B

  • The Model 98B is a magazine-fed bullpup chambered in .338 Lapua, a round that offers much of the range of the .50 BMG but with greater accuracy, less recoil, lighter weight and, in some states, fewer legal complications.

    Barrett Model 98B

  • Rather than settling for the £12 corner-shop model like everyone else, his father thoughtfully responded with a £450 BB version of an Israeli Tavor bullpup assault rifle with red-spot laser sights?

    We're all hooked on fishing now

  • But they also use their own infantry weapons, including the venerable Uzi, the Galil and the new modular bullpup assault rifle system.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • There was a loud thudding sound and in the same instant three men burst through the open doorway and into the room, dark clad, each of them armed with what looked like submachineguns or bullpup assault rifles, spotlights locked beneath them, flicking on, bathing the room in white light that would have momentarily blinded him if he hadn't thought of the sunglasses.

    The Arsenal


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