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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bullshit.


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  • I called Sisco and he bullshitted me for about twenty minutes.

    The Good Fight

  • Normie did good and when we were peers, all was well; however, when he bullshitted our supervisor into this "new, improved position!!" all hell broke loose!!

    Norman Kutz

  • What attacking your own President, as LBJ was attacked, as GHWB was attacked (which led to 1994), shows is that the base will no longer be bullshitted, is not under control, and must be pacified with actual accomplishments rather than photo ops.

    Matthew Yglesias » Democratic Presidents’ Base Problem

  • Style trumps substance most of the time, but right now people are too scared and too hungry to be bullshitted like you seem to think they are. soullite Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Did Haiti Form a Pact With the Devil?

  • We bullshitted our way through the next few mini-courses, laughing about kids from our old building and all the weirdo grown-ups and assorted wack jobs that our neighborhood seemed to produce, and then about halfway through some sort of delightful shrimp dish, mouth full, she was finally ready to spill the beans.

    The Human Bobby

  • I deserved better than to be bullshitted by the vice president.

    17 « September « 2008 « Niqnaq

  • Besides, even best friends bullshitted each other.

    A Girl's Legs Stirring The Air

  • But like everything else these days, through a combination of internet-led media transparency and the general cynicism of the masses, who've finally come to understand that they're being bullshitted nearly 24/7, the roll-outs for the new TV season are being met with a certain amount of reservation, rather than the wide-eyed awe of years past.

    Chez Pazienza: ...And the Shows You Rode In On

  • If you'll pardon the Texas vernacular, I felt like I deserved better from Cheney than to be bullshitted by him.

    Preparing the Ground

  • But in my modus operandi of that era, I had bullshitted my way into being invited as a student journalist.

    Martin Lewis: The (Self) Killing Of Brother Dee: A Memory Of The Late Simon Dee


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