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  • n. Plural form of bullying.


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  • He made it a point to identify all of them, receiving, while he did so, scowls and mutterings, and reciprocating with cocky bullyings and threatenings.


  • And this growing up is a matter of people no longer being vulnerable to the opinions, the manipulations, the bullyings - intellectual and otherwise - of other people.

    Archbishop Celebrates Selwyn College's 125th Anniversary

  • Either way, Labour hate Shipton because he's the only person who reports the contortions, bullyings, double crosses, and general seedy manoeuverings by which they've enforced their incompetent hegemony over Wales.

    Electoral Bullshit

  • Of all the bullyings and denunciations that were ever heaped on one unlucky head, none can ever have exceeded in energy and heartiness those with which he was complimented by each of his remaining relatives, singly, upon bidding him farewell.

    The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit

  • God would punish her for not being nicer to him—punish her for all her bullyings and proddings and storms of temper and cutting remarks, for alienating his friends and shaming him by operating the mills and building the saloon and leasing convicts.

    Gone with the Wind

  • [ "Hear, hear!"] and in the repeated bullyings and attempts to terrorize

    New York Times Current History: The European War from the Beginning to March 1915, Vol 1, No. 2 Who Began the War, and Why?

  • They strove together with one accord, to subdue his independent spirit by taunts, jeers, insults, intimidations and bullyings.

    The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus

  • It was only quite of late that Joe had begun to discern injustice in his father's bullyings.

    Julia And Her Romeo: A Chronicle Of Castle Barfield From "Schwartz" by David Christie Murray

  • I scarcely know whether The Fighting Sheeney made more of a nuisance of himself during his decumbiture or during the period which followed it -- which period houses an astonishing number of fights, rows, bullyings, etc.

    The Enormous Room

  • As to liking either, that was out of the case; but where the men feared Captain Snaggs, the only feeling they had for Mr Flinders was one of contempt -- paying back all his snarlings and bullyings in a way that the hands, well knew how to drive home to one of his temperament, as sensitive as it was mean!

    The Island Treasure


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