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  • v. Present participle of bullyrag.


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  • "Sir," Murphy answered, so softly and carelessly that it irritated the mate to further bullyragging.


  • Further, there will not be allowed in any Man's Room any nagging, hectoring, bitching, kvetching, carping, bullyragging or any other such activity by anyone not possessed of testicles.

    "Should we have a White House Council on Men and Boys?"

  • Seldom merely shunned, suspected gays often run a gantlet of macho bullyragging.

    Homoeroticism In The Ranks

  • And at last they brought out the prettiest, neatest young lady-crow that ever was seen, and set her in the middle, and all began abusing and vilifying, and rating, and bullyragging at her, because she had stolen no grouse-eggs, and had actually dared to say that she would not steal any.

    The Water Babies

  • For all that Idalia said that Merryvale didn't have guards the way Armethalieh did, he guessed the village must have some way to keep the peace, and a lot of the folks in the crowd, human and Centaur both, looked big and strong enough to make even Cormo think twice about any bullyragging he might want to get up to.

    The Outstretched Shadow

  • I was never out of the saddle, from one end of the train to the other, badgering them to keep up, seeing to the welfare of the beasts, bullyragging the guards to keep their positions on the flanks-and all the time with my guts churning as I watched the skyline, dreading the sight of mounted figures, or the tiny dust-cloud far across the plain that would herald approaching enemies.

    Flashman and The Redskins

  • When he found out the kid had left his cabin without telling him and that the Captain was bullyragging him-Wow!

    The Martian Way

  • Any man may stand for a bullyragging by his wife, but when he takes a switching from her right out on the public highway, he deserves to be horsewhipped. '

    The Lincoln Story Book

  • "Well, I take the attitude that this situation is the result of your incompetence," Brannad Klav began, in a bullyragging tone.

    Temple Trouble

  • The sensation of bullyragging a genuine millionaire was new and exhilarating.

    Something New


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