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  • v. Present participle of bum-rush.


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  • That night, Jason was the one bum-rushing the stage and tossing us twenties.

    Times Two

  • And even with the outrageous Chelsea Handler hosting, the most exciting moment just might come from the inimitable Kanye West, who, after infamously bum-rushing Taylor Swift's acceptance speech last year, returns to the VMA stage.

    MTV Video Music Awards Go Gaga!

  • Waco was a media circus and the real person who got that officer killed wasn't the religious nut that pulled the trigger, it was the incident commander who followed Janet Reno's orders to let the TV news crew film ATF agents bum-rushing an armed compound - live.

    A Bold Political Forecast

  • I could see little difference between these store rioters and fourth-worlders bum-rushing the UN truck when it pulls up with water and powdered milk.

    Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest

  • They've been bum-rushing live newscasts for three years.

    Broward-Palm Beach New Times | Complete Issue

  • The attendance was but a mere 65,000 or so -- shitty weather hampered the usual bum-rushing of the gates here -- but tOSU's spring game did feature a fair dose of Terrelle Pryor casually flexing his newfound ability to throw over the middle, but was more about the backups at qb, where Kenny Guiton managed to put some daylight between himself and prototypical Tressel qb

    Every Day Should Be Saturday

  • Ammo's extremely limited, so combat constantly fluctuates between taking a few pot shots from behind a barrel or crate before running out of bullets and bum-rushing an understandably surprised foe to beat the crap out of him.

    Joystiq [Xbox]

  • BO-ring all around, the show got its only jolts of energy at the very end with an appearance by Cher, still believing she can "Turn Back Time," and the performance of a new song by Kanye West, who waited to actually be invited to the stage this time instead of just bum-rushing it.


  • • "Body Sonic" seats vibrated to your music, putting the bass in its place and bum-rushing your show

    VF Daily

  • "He come bum-rushing me and grabbed me like this, and started taking chunks out of my ear and spitting them at me," he said.



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