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  • n. The first, sparse beard growth of an adolescent


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bum +‎ fluff


  • James Purnell's sideburns are third favourite, whilst David Miliband's barely detectable bumfluff has slipped to fourth.

    Alan Johnson quiff tipped to take over as Labour leader

  • Of course I joined in = D. Matt looked rather normal plus a little bumfluff, James looked a iccle chubby but still cute and he had a Blink teeshirt on and Charlie ..

    fuct-up-girl Diary Entry

  • David Miliband took a break from building dens with Michael Gove to show us his bumfluff 'tache.

    Chicken Yoghurt

  • Edited as just remembered, he used to dry shave you on parade if he saw bumfluff and invariably made a bloody mess of it.

    Army Rumour Service

  • Admittedly that's wishful thinking on our part, since a half Chris Brown / half Rihanna baby would be bound by genetics to have a head shaped exactly like an alien prawn, a set of teeth that looks like a ceramic shotgun wound and the world's most humiliating bumfluff moustache.


  • And then you'd write and release a song about what a stupid 14-year-old's bumfluff moustache he's got.


  • Anyone else would just be bumfluff. on 11/22/2009, -1/+92Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica (Apollo) deserves an honorable mention. Stories / Popular

  • He's got a pretty, boyish face, great hair and a bumfluff beard.

    The Guardian World News

  • Come back when you have lost your bumfluff and have gained the slightest sense of discretion.

    Army Rumour Service

  • And then you’d write and release a song about what a stupid 14-year-old’s bumfluff moustache he’s got.

    Chris Brown’s History Of Being A Punchy Old Tool


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