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  • adj. Regarding an isolated, neglected, undesirable, or contemptuous topic
  • v. to sodomize
  • n. anal sex
  • n. An isolated place far removed from normal cities and towns


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bum +‎ fuck


  • She and I got assigned by the shadowy big-business Mafia figure sponsoring her appearance at AEE to sign at some crappy store in bumfuck North Las Vegas.

    Tory Lane, January 2007 « Skid Roche

  • Of course because she lives in bumfuck Hickston and it’s infested with Christians who have no sympathy for her unmarried, child-spewing misandry, THEY WON’T SELL HER THE CUNT PILLS … ..

    Jeers. « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • I've heard "bumfuck" used in that context since way back when.deadsongs. vue.30

    The WELL: Brown Eyed Women

  • Whereas in your typical bumfuck rural town, all the independent sturdy yeomen end up having to suck the dick of the local rich guy – because said rich guy controls all the jobs, either directly (because he owns the business that you work for) or indirectly (because he is an important business customer or supplier to your boss and can convince your boss to fire your ass).

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Plus several of the bumfuck hick towns will eventually start warring with each other and carrying off women unless there is a higher power that can smack them into line.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Trademark laws protect the source of goods in this case and seeks to prevent consumer confusion. when you think of street sweets truck, do you think ofg this bumfuck coimpany 100s of miles away????

    Street Sweets Truck Forced to Change Name, Want You To Help (For a $500 Prize!) | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • (But bear in mind, this rail service would be ruined if it tried to serve every bumfuck town along the way) The eastern seaboard, and the CA coast, may be perfect for rail services, because of both loads and distance.

    Matthew Yglesias » Runway Pricing

  • And if it takes some tiny minded mayor of east bumfuck to pull it out of the pack of crap that gets published every year, I'm happy.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • I'm not trying to be judgemental, but my bumfuck pennsylvania self cannot fathom such different styles of life being experienced elsewhere in this country.

    Hollywood, Interrupted

  • I want an exceptional person in the Oval Office, not some wacko hockey mom from bumfuck Alaska who reminds me of the people elected to the council in my hometown.

    Poll: McCain Holds Four-Point Lead In Ohio


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