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  • adv. In a bumping way; with bumps or jolts.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

bumping +‎ -ly


  • Isn't it interesting that the air force and all of the power of this government can't find that tall, skinny, Arab with a beard, racing through the two million acres of brilliant red "invisible" poppy fields in Afghanistan, dragging bumpingly along behind him, a shiny, glistening, four hundred pound dialysis Machine, shunted to his arm, as he skips frolicking through that two million acres of invisible Brilliant Red Poppy Crops?

    Bush, Henry Paulson, Michael Moore, An Unlikely Trio

  • Into this they turned and ran bumpingly along an uneven road through a wilderness of tall Georgia pines, their slim trunks bare of foliage or branches for twenty-five or thirty feet till they feathered out at the top into the masses of ten and twelve inch needles that mark this species.

    The Mystery at Number Six

  • Her heart beat bumpingly as she climbed the stairs.

    The Phoenix and the Carpet

  • They call Nimoy’s first scene in the film “goose-bumpingly cool.”

    Star Trek: Three More Photos and New Information Cheat Sheet | /Film

  • One of Clay’s great powers was that he knew that an editor’s task was chest-bumpingly governmental: to make a journalist feel supported by a power greater than him - or herself.

    Never Hold Your Best Stuff


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