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  • n. Any of various grasses of the family Poaceae that grow in clumps rather than forming a sod or mat.


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bunch +‎ grass


  • The shaggy whiskers, almost bare in places, and in others massing into bunchgrass-like clumps, were plentifully splashed with gray.

    CHAPTER 22

  • These ecosystems include the páramo, a dense alpine vegetation growing on a thick mat of sponge-like, highly absorbent mosses and grasses in the cold, humid reaches of the northern Andes, and the drier puna, characterized by alpine bunchgrass species surrounded by herbs, grasses, sedges, lichens, mosses and ferns in the cold but dry southern Tropical Andes.

    Biological diversity in the Tropical Andes

  • The Gran Sabana grasslands can be divided into two types: on poor sandy soils extensive bunchgrass savannas are dominated by Trachypogon plumosus and Axonopus pruinosus; on patches of damp richer soils, bush savannas of Stegolepis ptaritepuiensis, S. guianensis and Brocchinia steyermarkii occur.

    Canaima National Park, Venezuela

  • Lands in the Columbia River Basin with more than 10 in (260 mm) of rainfall per year have an open cover of bunchgrass, and are excellent for raising wheat.

    Intermountain Semidesert Province (Bailey)

  • The predominant forest cover is ponderosa pine with a shrub or bunchgrass understory.

    Ecoregions of Oregon (EPA)

  • Sagebrush and bunchgrass associations dominate plant assemblages outside of heavily farmed or grazed areas.

    Ecoregions of Oregon (EPA)

  • Native vegetation consists of bunchgrass and sagebrush.

    Ecoregions of Oregon (EPA)

  • A typical landscape is treeless vegetation dominated by bunchgrass and cushion plants which occur with desert like shrub, sedges, and many, with an underlying mat of lichens and moss.

    Cordillera Central páramo

  • Grass meadows are widespread at higher elevations of the Turkestan, Zaravshan, and Gissar ranges; fescue (Festuca alaica) is a dominant bunchgrass species here.

    Gissaro-Alai open woodlands

  • Virtually all native bunchgrass communities have been replaced by annual grassland understories in woodland areas.

    California interior chaparral and woodlands


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