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  • n. A kind of flat mallet for starting a wooden bung from the bung-hole.


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  • The kender pocketed a bung-starter, a small flask of wine, and several other interesting objects and slipped out the back door into the alley just as Givrak entered through the front and roared something about a “god-cursed, lying kender” who™d lived too long for his own, or anyone else™s, good.


  • A bartender started to swing a bung-starter, and found himself flying through the air toward a table.

    First Lensman

  • Roughnecks enter eternally with fresh kegs; the thud of the mallet never ceases; the rude clamour of the bung-starter is as the rattle of departing time itself.

    Europe After 8:15

  • _Aurora's_ new crew, and would've got 'em, too, but Argand, inside the bar, picks up a bung-starter, sneaks down and gives Sam and Archie a couple of slick taps over the ear, and down they went -- just slid feet first away from the bar and on to the floor, flat -- and as they slid

    Wide Courses

  • The barkeeper took a bung-starter and felled him as flat as a felled seam -- and all present agreed that it served him right.

    Roughing it De Luxe

  • Vinton is sittin 'there with his chin on his necktie, lookin' like someone had beaned him with a bung-starter.

    The House of Torchy

  • An ambulance had carted off to the hospital four or five, whose battered skulls bore witness to the hammering powers of big Milligan and his bung-starter.

    Under Fire

  • A brawny Irishman, mad with the joy of unlimited riot and whiskey, was on top of the counter impartially cracking the heads of all men within reach with the blows of a big wooden bung-starter.

    Under Fire

  • A saloon-keeper rushes out with a bung-starter and hits a sailor on the head.

    David Lockwin—The People's Idol

  • I told Oppenheimer, and he got out a wooden bung-starter, and said he could clean out the whole party.

    How Private George W. Peck Put Down The Rebellion or, The Funny Experiences of a Raw Recruit - 1887


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