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  • v. Present participle of bung.


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  • Nothing will be done to upset the post-Thatcher dispensation of Blairism, the bunging at money at the NHS and all the rest of the Quangocracy in the forlorn hope that they might be made to work.

    To Nobody's Surprise

  • "This isn't just about bunging a load of children and adults in a church hall – they are run highly professionally, with intensive preparation and support for the children, current carers and prospective parents, both before and after the event."

    Adoption parties: Are they a solution to the adoption crisis?

  • The best "bernie" was bunging Blair and NuLab in opposition then getting his money back and a few years extra income.

    Bernie, Max and Adolf

  • But when even the man who is always so flatteringly assumed to be the cleverest among them is bunging his signature on gold-plated iPods, why on earth should England's dwindling band of paying customers be expected to make the distinction?

    Gold-plated failure gives England no escape from the boo-boys

  • It is blindingly evident that the British public, which allowed itself to be gulled by Smuggo, the smarmy snake-oil salesman who invented the flatulence that is ‘New Labour’, has now been thoroughly aroused to the price they are having to pay for no significant improvement in education, health and other public services at which Labour has been bunging billions of pounds the last eleven years.

    This Is Labour's Mess: 313 of Them Foisted Him On Us

  • Then there is the little matter of bunging £1.2 billion to Northern ireland at the behest of the DUP.

    Brown's Payola Goverment Dips Into the Pork Barrel

  • One distinctive feature is that the spent shale - after the oil has been recovered - is less dense than the virgin shale, so you can't dispose of all of it by bunging it back in the hole it came from.

    Our Vast Oil Reserves, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • How many of the prisoners currently bunging up the jails are there after breaking one or more of the 3000+ new laws introduced during this Government?


  • Then bran muffins to counteract the bunging up effect of the iron -- don't want to pass out on the toilet.

    Pass The Smelling Salts

  • Cook the beetroots by wrapping them in foil and bunging them in the oven while you cook something else.

    Archive 2008-11-01


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