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  • n. A manoeuvre in which one person is pushed upwards by another, or others, in order to climb over a fence or similar obstacle.


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  • Some of this unique breed of bunk-up hail from a more-is-more school of interior design, festooned with rich fabrics and loaded with exotic embellishments.

    Juliet Kinsman: Morocco Forte (PHOTOS)

  • Secure for yourself a tame legislature, executive and judiciary by grooming certain ambitious up-and-comers who are prepared to make a Faustian bargain with us in return for kudos and a bunk-up in the preselection battles.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • I remained calm and asked him if he would be able to just "bunk-up" with the guys if I weren't along.

    tumor-tot Diary Entry

  • It's sort of the same thing, except that it's slightly more difficult to claim 50 per cent of the royalties from an ill-advised mid-life crisis bunk-up with a teenager than from a catchy middle of the road doo-wop pastiche.

    Christie Brinkley Divorces Billionth Husband

  • But that backfired – instead of the string of supermodels and actresses, Blunt reportedly just manged to get a bunk-up with that women with the caved-in nose from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

    James Blunt Mows Down Some Bloke, Possibly

  • "These two girls, Cathy and Beryl, they're not your expensive bits of brass, a couple of quid for a short time in a flat up the West End. These two are more your half-a-crown bunk-up against the wall at the back of Amy's caff."

    Bottled Spider

  • With songs like Children Of The Credit Crunch, about the unemployed making babies as there's nothing else to do - having a "bunk-up before breakfast and quick one before lunch" - The Meat And Onions Gang belong to a growing scene of working-class bands singing about their reality that also includes Turncoat, Gorgeous George, the Skets and Rum Shebeen.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • With anyone else, you'd say the inclusion of the word 'lasting' there would have been a get-out clause to allow the odd one-night bunk-up.

    No Rock And Roll Fun

  • Andy and Adele are on a date (ditto) and Declan and Natasha sneak off to his love barn for a quick bunk-up. - Home

  • Imagine the result of a quick bunk-up between a wireless keyboard, a regular games controller and a Wii Remote, and you will be close to understanding what the Air Keyboard controller is all about.

    The Register


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