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  • adj. Resembling a military bunker


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bunker +‎ -like


  • Having established himself in bunkerlike circumstances inside the Muqata, Arafat expressed a great deal of frustration with the lack of support he received from Arab leaders who made ritual obeisance to the justice of the Palestinian cause.

    In a Ruined Country

  • On May 15, behind closed doors in a windowless, bunkerlike room high up in the Capitol, we conducted our first formal hearing, and William Colby presented a history of CIA covert actions.

    The Good Fight

  • One of my favorite features of the series so far has been the organizational chart of the 66 different counterterrorism command centers in the Washington area, not counting the White House Situation Room, each with its secure bunkerlike facility, its 24/7 staff, its high-tech control room, secure database, command staff and cadre of outside contractors.

    For Obama's reform agenda, counterterrorism excess is a timely warning

  • In between the deserted bunkerlike buildings, a few sushi bars and tapas lounges were tucked away.

    Strangers at the Feast

  • Behind the flags, vertical wood paneling rises forty feet from the floor to a bunkerlike cement ceiling.

    Hope Unseen

  • The Cardozo Suite, for example, has bunkerlike concrete walls, scarred up as they were drying, with random protruding wires for that bomb-hit effect.

    Off the Beaten Track

  • But the reality to which I would soon return was brought home to me in an interview I did with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (whose bunkerlike studio was guarded by two purple tanks) to plug our concert.


  • "We're trapped in a rat's cage," said an ambassador from a non-Coalition country in Europe who no longer leaves his bunkerlike residential compound.

    No Place Is Safe

  • There was a structure about two hundred yards ahead, concrete and bunkerlike, sand-streaked, with slit windows and brambly growth edging up the walls.


  • Most of the aid workers hang out at the Traders Hotel, a bunkerlike building more than 20 stories high where many nongovernmental organizations from the West also now maintain offices.

    Lost Hope: Once Glittering, Yangon


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