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  • n. A traditional form of Japanese puppetry.


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From Japanese bunraku.


  • Visible puppeteers in Japanese bunraku are rendered invisible by their art and our willingness to accept puppets living in "a world in which being manipulated is itself a condition of paradoxical freedom."

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  • The term "bunraku" originally referred specifically to the puppet tradition of Osaka, but now the word is used more generally in Japan to describe the three-man form of puppet manipulation.


  • As if the harrowing play weren't strong enough on its own, he not only adds multiple jazz interludes with a piano-and-horn trio and several singers, he also swamps it in Japanese theatrical techniques: Black-garbed stagehands move furniture and dispense props as in bunraku marionette theater.

    French 'Streetcar' Takes a Detour Via Japan

  • The shamisen usually is heard playing traditional Japanese folk songs, and as accompaniment for kabuki and bunraku theater.

    Gil Asakawa: Monsters of Shamisen Rock in Colorado Concert

  • When they aren't attending a performance, they gather on bunraku Web sites; they also share information on future ticket sales through text messages, organize group outings to see performances and go on bunraku tours.

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  • Many bunraku fan sites, such as the blogs Mannaka Na Hibi (kayabatyou. and Yoshida Tamame San Ouen (tamamefun., are linked to sites of reciters, puppeteers and even samisen players.

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  • The Web site of Toyotake Sakihodayu, a 34-year-old popular bunraku reciter, shows maps of theaters in Osaka and Tokyo where you can pick a seat and make a reservation.

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  • "The sole fact that I can spot the problems of a patriarchal society when watching bunraku is proof that I am experiencing the same problems today, and that I am not free from them," says Ms. Miura, who has written a bestselling novel about the backstage world of bunraku and a guidebook for novices called "Charmed with Bunraku."

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  • Says bunraku fan Yoko Nishimura, a 37-year-old systems engineer, "I see (puppet shows) as something happening in a different world."

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  • Mayuko Mase, a 34-year-old lawyer in Tokyo, has seen bunraku performances many times with the club.

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