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  • n. Alternative spelling of bureaucratization.


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  • As such the debate of 'bureaucratisation' of the movement should not be shortsighted but consider the concrete reality and the political environment in which we operate.


  • He is scathing of the bureaucratisation of aid and a culture of "workshops and per diems" that destroy development.

    'Corruption has to be confronted from the grassroots' | Madeleine Bunting

  • While we're discussing Rand (here and here) and the dangers of bureaucratisation and centralisation, it's worth pointing out this astonishingfact fromOpen Europe's latest bulletin:

    The cost of selling the EU

  • His argument is that the bureaucratisation of the education system and the emphasis that the research assessment exercise puts on the rapid production of research has led to an emphasis on an intellectually uninteresting scholasticism in the social sciences.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • But some digital natives, particularly freelancers and individuals in smaller organisations, see the bureaucratisation of social media: the over-thinking and codification of what are really just basic social skills.

    How much is too much? at Helpful Technology

  • This distance is often described as the democratic deficit, the loss of democratic accountability, the decision making of the unelected – but selected – ones, as bureaucratisation of decision making etc.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • You can see features of that, of a bureaucratisation of the struggle ...


  • There are, undoubtedly, but there does seem to be an endemic creeping bureaucratisation of these areas of legitimate concern which creeps ever onward until what was once preoccupied with legitimate concerns now seems to turn into a sort of parody of itself.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • But he had also experienced, at first hand, the many signs of stagnation, bureaucratisation and administrative commandism about which Gorbachev was now so open.

    'Blank pages in history should not be allowed'

  • Dealing with a mass of exiles and their families, supplying food, shelter, clothing and even education, can result in bureaucratisation.

    'Blank pages in history should not be allowed'


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