bureaucratized love


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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bureaucratize.


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  • It’s a natural and useful weapon for use against power, especially against a certain kind of bureaucratized and institutionalized hierarchy — like a government school, and like the military.

    Work to rule in middle school

  • Experts in the history of torture, such as the Reed College professor Darius Rejali, make very careful distinctions between the disparate acts of torture or abuse that take place in all wars and a bureaucratized top-down policy, whereby identical techniques are replicated across the globe in different services and under different commands, with some on-the-ground improvisation as well.

    Dear President Bush,

  • In any event, once private enterprises reach a certain point, they become effectively bureaucratized, the middle management and labour component has no stake, and performance is really not that much different.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Incredible Fatuousness of Michael Steele

  • At the height of its power, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, like its parent organization, was a highly bureaucratized group.

    The Longest War

  • More independent banks will create a less bureaucratized system that can respond to customers and markets.

    Too Big to Fail's Advantages for Pols

  • Nasser did undertake land reform and other social programs like schools and clinics for the poor, but he spent the bulk of his energy constructing a bureaucratized security state, crushing out political parties, and assuring Washington that there were no other options in view of Egypt's social problems and unreadiness for democracy.

    Geoffrey Wawro: Nasser's Ghost: Time for Washington to Break the Stalemate in Egypt

  • But that certainly speaks more to the ability of our bloated, corrupt, bought and paid for, over-bureaucratized government to screw things up and not be prepared for even likely disasters than anything else.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Now that the Government has Proved as Incompetent

  • Mr. HOWARD HUSICK (Manhattan Institute): Those can start to become the new normal for hidebound bureaucratized federal programs.

    Mixed Picture One Year After Serve America Act

  • The danger is that these bright young stars are themselves going to get captured and become bureaucratized.

    Mixed Picture One Year After Serve America Act

  • The tone contrasts with the many cranky and unsatisfactory communications most of us experience during the day as we interact with our bureaucratized, phone-menu-filled culture.

    Seth Freeman: The Challenge of Hospital Safety: A Success Story


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