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  • n. Plural form of burin.


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  • Its second meaning is ‘les burins,’ which is an old instrument for engraving on copper.

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  • He was always telling us stories in class, and his discussions on his research on burins was a factor that pushed me into lithic analysis.

    Falling in Love with French Antiquities

  • There are of course a wide variety of tools that can be made this way such as scrapers, drills, burins, knives, etc.

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  • But even in writing the texts and drawing the images on the plate, while he used stopout varnishes as if they were ink for brushes and pens and he used copper as if it were paper in some respects, he also used burins, etching needles on the same copperplates.


  • Two of the blades, however, were fashioned into burins.

    Cactus Hill Update

  • Grooves were cut in the large flake with chisellike burins by etching a line and retracing it several times until the long pieces broke off.

    The Mammoth Hunters

  • "The tool types involve particularly a couple of tanged points (projectile heads), but also burins, end-of-blade scrapers, and a piercer of so-called Zinken-type, as well as there being evidence for a certain type of blade-core preparation technique known as en eperon," Saville said. Top headlines

  • A late date was con - faceted butts that are ventrally trimmed, as sidered reasonable when modern human well as scrapers and burins made on fl akes remains were recovered in possible associ - or blades produced from single platform, ation with Howiesons Poort artefacts at double platform, radial, and irregular cores.

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