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  • adj. Burmeister (attributive); used in taxonomic names for organisms that often have English names of the form "Burmeister's ..."


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Named in a pseudo-Latin manner for any of several naturalists named Burmeister.


  • The biggest brontornithine, Brontornis burmeisteri from the Miocene of Argentina, was also arguably the biggest phorusrhacid prior to the discovery of BAR 3877-11, but its leg bones are immensely wide and stocky for their length, and its tarsometatarsi are between 50 and 60% the length of its tibiotarsi.

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  • The black-legged serieman (Chunga burmeisteri), blue-crowned parakeet (Aratinga acuticadauta), Picui ground dove (Columbina picui), Guira cuckoo (Guira guira), little thornbird (Phacellodomus sibilatrix) and many-colored Chaco finch (Saltaitricula multicolor) make up a large part of the unique avifauna represented in this ecoregion.

    Arid Chaco


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