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  • adj. destroyed or badly damaged by fire


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  • The pictures, dramatically arrayed on the walls according to their distance from Hiroshima's Ground Zero, show landscapes of burned-over rubble, concrete and steel buildings reduced to etiolated skeletons, and close-ups of flash burns and other interesting evidence of the awesome destructiveness of the bomb.

    Tragedy and Comedy of Life

  • In his seminal book on the Pacific Northwest, The Good Rain, New York Times writer Timothy Egan described the city thusly: "Surrounded by thick stumps, burned-over land and eroded hillsides, Forks is to the Olympic Peninsula what a butt rash is to Venus."

    Chris Gray Faust: Transformed by Twilight: Forks, Washington

  • As the great revival movement surged outward, and its missionary campaigns and camp meetings, its “personal decisions for Christ,” became all the rage from the “burned-over district” of western New York State down through the Appalachians and across the South, Jackson found ready support for a rekindled spirit of American chosenness.

    The Chosen Peoples

  • Pine trees are often the pioneer woody species that flourish in burned-over areas or on abandoned arable land.

    Laurentian Mixed Forest Province (Bailey)

  • We might say that the Bay area had become, for him, a burned-over district. 89 It was time for the group that had matured on the road to develop a community of their own, in which they could organize work, marriage, and family life around the agreements.

    Manhood in the Age of Aquarius: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965–83

  • As a result, said Lee McAtee, deputy director of the lab's environmental safety division, the burned-over topsoil will not absorb the torrential downpours that are typical in August, setting up a "very significant" risk of flash flooding in the canyons on the reservation.

    The Plagues Of Los Alamos

  • The only person left in my purview (and indeed the town, which had been burned-over, Second Great Awakening-style, by hundreds of kids now growing desperate and moving far beyond their home turf) was this lady who lived on Forest Avenue who was notoriously mean and rumored to be harboring untold wealth.

    Dachshund Aficionado, january issue, p.37

  • He, too, like his directorial namesake, originates from contested and burned-over territory — on the Alsatian frontier between France and Germany.

    Hobbes in the Himalayas

  • Who suffers most when the forces of holiness and certainty decide to create a burned-over district?

    Hobbes in the Himalayas

  • One had a picture of a green forest; the other, a burned-over hillside.

    Rising Water


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