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  • n. Plural form of burnous.


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  • But his three Tuareg assistants stuck to their hooded burnouses and the tagelmust, the 6ft length of fabric wound into a turban and face cover.

    Tea in the Sahara: a road trip through the Libyan desert

  • Presently, I saw the folk running as fast as they could; so I followed them and behold, a long file of men riding two and two and clad in steel, with double neck-rings and felt bonnets and burnouses and swords and bucklers.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • He had not studied Horace Vernet for nothing; he drew a fine picture of Kew rescuing her from the Arabs, with a plenty of sabres, pistols, burnouses, and dromedaries.

    The Newcomes

  • They made an incomparable spectacle, that magnificent summer night, in the bright moonlight, the long column of Algerian cavalry, with their shining burnouses, on fiery little horses.

    Fighting France

  • The gorgeous officers 'uniforms, mostly a vivid red, blue and gold; the picturesque flowing robes and burnouses, with here and there a six-foot stalwart silk trousered Albanian with gold and silver inlaid daggers and pistols thrust in his sash, make a picture reminding one of the

    The Secrets of the German War Office

  • Then came a flutter of the burnouses, those on the island waved, and the group of camels moved away at an amazing speed, to the southwest.

    The Rogue Elephant The Boys' Big Game Series

  • And on the road were lines of transports and a file of Spahis on horseback, picturesque in their flowing burnouses, bearded and dark-skinned, riding their unclipped horses through the roads under the single rows of trees.

    Kings, Queens and Pawns An American Woman at the Front

  • Behind the windows in the low rooms he saw wonderful dresses thrown over chair-backs -- burnouses and red fezes; and a little dark figure with a long pigtail and bare feet in yellow slippers, glided noiselessly past him in the old-fashioned, palatial doorway of No. 20.

    Pelle the Conqueror — Volume 04

  • Europeans of various nations the dignified and ample figures of well-dressed Arabs in pale blue, green, brown, and white burnouses, with high turbans bound by ropes of camel's hair, stood out, the conquered looking like conquerors.

    The Way of Ambition

  • The sun was now shining brilliantly, and she saw a station crowded with Arabs in white burnouses, who were vociferously greeting friends in the train, were offering enormous oranges for sale to the passengers, or were walking up and down gazing curiously into the carriages, with the unblinking determination and indifference to a return of scrutiny which she had already noticed and thought animal.

    The Garden of Allah


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