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  • n. an office
  • n. a desk, usually with a cover and compartments for storing papers etc. located above the level of the writing surface rather than underneath.
  • n. a Chest of drawers for clothes


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French bureau ‘desk’, earlier ‘coarse cloth (as desk cover), baize’, from Old French burel ‘woolen cloth’, diminutive of *bure (cf. Middle French bure ‘coarse woolen cloth’, French bourre ‘hair, fluff’), from Late Latin burra ‘wool, fluff, shaggy cloth, coarse fabric’; akin to Ancient Greek berberion ‘shabby garment’.


  • I only process "buro" cards once or twice a year so QRX. News

  • Throughout this entire thread posters are talking about going into their local INAMI office, or into some Mexican buro to get original FM-3's or renewals or whatever.

    [RexC] FM-3 Changes in requirements?

  • The list includes: 56 year old Cuban Vice-President Carlos Lage, 70 year old former UN Ambassador to Cuba Ricardo Alarcon, 42 year old Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque, 75 year old communication minister Ramiro Valdes and 64 year old Esteban Lazo a member of both the council of ministers and the Cuban Communist Party's political buro.

    Fidel Castro Steps Down

  • In their critique, popularly known as the Andhra Thesis and accepted by the Polit buro of the CPI for the time being, they made serious criticisms of the Polit buro's 'Tactical Line'.

    Fake Independence and the Mercurial Stance of Undivided Communist Party: CPM’s Hotchpotch View on Semi Colony and Neo colony

  • A fish often used in the production of buro is milk fish (Chanos chanos), a commonly cultured brackish water fish of the region.

    Chapter 5

  • Then he went into granma's mas room and turned the buro drawers and trunk inside out and threw the things in them all about.

    The Golden Road

  • When the little chaps play hide and seek till they get tired, and shove the chairs around for cars and engines, and look at all the pictures, and cut up all the newspapers, and turn summersets on their little bed, and then get restless and whine around for freedom, Mrs. Arp opens her school and stands 'em up by the buro to say their lessons.

    Bill Arp from the uncivil war to date, 1861-1903,

  • Temple the fastest trotting horse in the wirld on a mahoginy buro that Pewts father is polishing for

    Brite and Fair

  • Thus, among the braziers are found shapes obviously the originals of the Japanese choji-buro

    A History of the Japanese People From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era

  • And I was a standin 'there as calm and happy as the buro or table, -- and they looked very light and cheerful, -- when all of a sudden the door opened, and in walked Ury Henzy, and asked me, --

    Sweet Cicely — or Josiah Allen as a Politician


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