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  • n. Structure and regulations in place to control activity. Usually in large organizations and government operations.


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From French bureaucratie, coined by Jean Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay (died 1759) from bureau ("office") + -cratie ("rule of"), equivalent to buro +‎ -cracy.


  • After struggling very much with burocracy my hope for 2009 in terms of obesity is that the program which we are starting in Mexico will improve the health prognosis of people with obesity in our institution and hopefully of other people also.

    Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Obesity in 2009

  • Mexican burocracy can hinder trying to do things 'by the book' so you often just have to improvise and do the best you can.

    Expired Mexican Car Permit

  • In this article, a spokesperson for the Jewish Federation movement -- which has seen millions in assets and many key donors move away from the umbrella organization to start and run their own private foundations -- points out that having process and burocracy isn't always a bad thing.

    Larry Gellman: Madoff's Chosen People -- What Can and Can't Be Said Out Loud

  • As I say, will power & patience is necessary as our burocracy has a habit of wearing one down ...... shoe


  • Over half of an Americans income goes to a bloated parasitic burocracy and foreign "secret" owners of the Fed, and we are throwing money at Israel, Korea, Japan and half the freekin world.

    The Weak, Spineless, Hapless, Gutless Ones

  • I have not been overly blessed with patience, tolerance and acceptance of burocracy in any situation -- something that I am getting better at but it was never something I wanted to test against the well-practiced members of Mexican Immigration.

    FM3 renewal in Cozumel

  • - The words "clear" and "build" bring to mind shades of many laws, rules, regulations, environmental impact studies, local, State and Federal burocracy.

    Need permit(s) and procedure info for my lot

  • Problem was not technology but indeed burocracy made by so called black belts consultants who were not living the day to day realities of the business.

    Nielsen Deletes Reply-To-All Button

  • Other concerns about the Bill relate to the cost of implementing it and the burocracy needed to enforce it.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Nineteenth century Russia, in the grip of a capitalist burocracy, proved to be the centre for the revolutions of the early twentieth century.

    Bars and Shadows


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