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  • adj. Of or pertaining to burocracy or the actions of burocrats.


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From burocrat +‎ -ic


  • Landtag and its ministry do not encourage whistle-blowing apparently, NO ONE in any ministry is willing to speak up and call a bad set of criteria recognized by some judge a few years back a piece of illegal practice in German burocratic machinery.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Dear Petitions Office Hessen Landtag,

  • Without the PO insurance companies will have little incentives to compete among themselves and reduce costs and more to collude behind doors against consumers by increasing premiums or by burocratic tactics to discriminate care.

    Health care debate focuses on public insurance option

  • FDP: the whole thing is absurd and burocratic nonsense

    Report: Bush Officials Not Happy About Possible Obama Speech At Brandenburg Gate

  • It seemed to me that about the time the lake level reaches 80% capacity by this burocratic (spelling) method of measuring capacity that the water would be all the way up to the edge of the shoreline and almost lapping into the parking lot at the Ajijic Pier.

    Lake level 10-2-06

  • It is not impossible -- just probably much more complicated and very different from what you may be accustomed to although if you have done it in the State of Florida it can be quite a compplicated burocratic hassle there as well.

    obtaining building permits on coast near playa del carmen

  • The deadline was 4 october, so he won't be able to vote due to some burocratic loop or intentional mismanagement.


  • We have all been evacuated to Washington DC for assessment, medical and other burocratic processes.

    Final Blog Entry in Bangladesh

  • Legally, we all become persons the moment our birth is registered well, obviously, we are already protected legally as persons even if our parents forgot the burocratic part.

    Every birth a wanted birth. Oh, really?

  • But it still was a burocratic mess and waits are usually about an hour.

    Methods to be paid as an employee

  • Employees (and taxpayers using their services) don't have to wait months until some authorization comes, or set up a public tender, build a 100-pages business cases or face some other burocratic nightmare

    LXer Linux News


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