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  • n. Plural form of burrow.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of burrow.


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  • Krinak wound through tufts of crygrass and low mounds of sand, the lemkin burrows emerging from the ground all around him.

    The Size of Things « A Fly in Amber

  • Rabbits usually live in burrows or tunnels in the ground, where they prefer to stay during daylight hours.

    Splitting Hares…and Rabbits

  • I read "Tetrapod burrows from the Triassic of Antarctica," which demonstrates that fossil burrows found at Wahl Glacier in the Beardmore Glacier region of the central Transantarctic Mountains (Lovecraft's "Mountains of Madness") were made by an animal similar to the cynodont Thrinaxodon.

    Halloween the Fourth

  • Habits differ according to habitat: rainforest Collared peccaries are diurnal, eat fruit, palm nuts and shrubs, and sleep in burrows, while desert populations are nocturnal, eat mostly cacti, and don’t use burrows.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Phrase by vivid phrase burrows into the memory like a fever dream -- from "A sugar cube in rain" to "a blindfolded balloon waiting for the slingshots" -- but the effect is somehow one of emotional reticence.

    Daniel J. Kushner: Beyond Ecstatic: The Multimedia Fever Dream of "Letters to Distant Cities"

  • Science News reports that dinosaur fossils have been found in burrows.

    Some Dinosaurs Dug Underground Tunnels | Impact Lab

  • He spends more than 95 percent of his life, which can last as long as a hundred years, in underground burrows, which is what any sane creature would do when faced with the Mojave Desert.

    I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen

  • The burrowing owl, a very small and interesting animal that lives in burrows.

    Endangered Spaces: The Future for Wilderness in Canada

  • Westcote derives the name from 'Choldicombe, or rather Coldecombe, from its cold situation, next neighbour to Exmoor;' and he speaks of 'divers hillocks of earth and stones ... termed burrows and distinguished by sundry names,' in the parish, and hints at their uncanny nature by telling how 'fiery dragons have been seen flying and lighting on them.'

    Devon, Its Moorlands, Streams and Coasts

  • After showing us the results we went down the Island to some of the study burrows that is to say a burrow that has a concrete block over the nesting area so that the block is removed and the ringers can easily access the chicks and adults.



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