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  • See Muhammad Ali.


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  • Conan's head snapped up, staring over the bursar's head, to where the hourglass sat in its niche.

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  • Much as he hated being beholden to such a limp fop, he had little choice but to submit to the bursar's will; without bowing to protocol, the barbarian risked a detrimental mark in the oaf's ledger - such a thing would be noticed by the captain of the guard, as well as the paymaster.

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  • The bursar's eyes now registered shock and indignation that this hulking barbarian would challenge his authority.

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  • With seeming effortlessness, Conan lifted the man forward and over the desk so that the bursar's feet were a good twenty inches off the floor, and the two men were eye-to-eye.

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  • The bursar's tiny eyes twinkled in self-satisfaction, enjoying the moment tremendously in a rather pompous manner.

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  • Schools are responsible for distributing the difference, often resulting in long lines of grumpy students waiting for their checks in front of the bursar's office.

    Debit cards replacing credit cards on college campuses

  •   If you don't like the meal plan you are currently on, talk to the bursar's office, or there are vending machines with Cracker Jack and jujubes in the basement of your dormitory.

    From T.S. Eliot's Copybook

  • Ah, but when there's something of a drought at the bursar's office, it's awfully comforting to have a few toros out there in the fallow fields to take to the bullring to sell tickets and maintain the endowment crop.

    College Conference Two-Step: Choreographed By Cash

  • All CU students pay an athletic fee of $28.50 per semester which "supports quality intercollegiate athletics programs and reduces student ticket prices," according to the bursar's website.

    CU Independent: Most of Hawkins buy-out to come from CU athletic department, not tuition

  • "The kids wanted JFK, not a guy from the bursar's office," muttered one Maryland party leader after the performance.

    The Caricature Wars


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