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  • Xeni Jardin points to the documentary on Colombian Scopolamine, also known there as "burundanga".

    SWEATblog: September 2007 Archives

  • My father has mentioned burundanga with mythological respect and fear.

    SWEATblog: August 2007 Archives

  • After an experience like that in most parts of the world, you call it a day, but here it is evidently par for the course to round out a morning of near-death by going on a little field trip to the local burundanga tree with your crazed drug-dealer buddy. - Business News

  • Sorry, and I can't help but fantasizing aloud, but if the White House stepped up and handled this kind of stuff, I'd no longer have to settle bar bets or be subjected to these inane stories about whether some friend of a cousin of an uncle of a guy who used to live in Katy, Texas, actually was rendered a walking zombie by a business card soaked in the always-mysterious burundanga voodoo juice.


  • I've also learned not to take business cards from strangers because they could be soaked with burundanga voodoo powder, which is 90 times more potent than the date-rape drug and would make me pass out if I even touched a card soaked in it.



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