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  • n. An African passerine bird of the family Malaconotidae.


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bush +‎ shrike


  • Response: This is an adult Ethiopian boubou, Laniarius aethiopicus, a member of the bushshrike family, Malaconotidae.

    Mystery bird: Ethiopian boubou, Laniarius aethiopicus

  • Key species are the dwarf honeyguide Indicator pumilio, African green broadbill Pseudocalyptomena graueri, Lagden's bushshrike Malaconotus lagdeni, Kivu ground thrush Zoothera tanganjicae, Oberlander's ground thrush Z. oberlaenderi, Grauer's rush warbler Bradypterus graueri, Chaplin's flycatcher Muscicapa lendu and dusky crimsonwing Cryptospiza shelleyi.

    Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

  • Seven of these species are found only in Somalia, including a bushshrike, the Bulo Burti boubou (Laniarius liberatus, CR), which was described (and is still known only) from a single individual that was released (hence the specific name liberatus) after comprehensive study.

    Biological diversity in the Horn of Africa

  • There are also a number of endemic bird subspecies, the brown-chested alethe (Alethe poliocephala hallae), yellow-necked greenbul (Chlorocichla falkensteini falkensteini), grey-backed camaroptera (Camaroptera brevicaudata harteri) and two subspecies of Lühder’s bushshrike, Laniarius luehderi brauni and L.l. amboimensis.

    Angolan scarp savanna and woodlands


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