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  • n. The behaviour of a busybody; interference, meddlesomeness.


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busybody +‎ -ing


  • With your average nuptials, the busybodying – which can range from a raised eyebrow over the bride's dress to a professed dislike of salmon terrine to outright speculation about the likely length of the marriage itself – is a subtle form of revenge exacted in direct proportion to the amount of inconvenience and financial pain personally suffered.

    Is the royal wedding a cause for celebration?

  • Debts that were taken out without our permission, then inflicted on us against our will, so that this government could pay for its murderous wars, its tyrannical surveillance and intelligence apparatus, its brain-dead federal programs, its byzantine busybodying regulation, and its multitrillion dollar preservation programs for endangered capitalists and their habitats in the economic status quo.

    Repudiation now

  • Here's the script: See how the Republicans are busybodying themselves with what gay folks do in private at home?

    June Wedding, anyone?

  • I wonder if that might stop her in her busybodying tracks?


  • I partly blame Iain here because I am pretty sure she went to the same nest of virulent Liberalism that he failed to inoculate in east Anglia where she did six PHD`s in being a bossy busybodying horses arse Now she want to put .

    If You're From Health & Safety, Look Away Now...

  • And I think that is such a big problem in this country, is there's just a lot of busybodying about what personal taste is OK, and what isn't.

    CNN Transcript May 25, 2001

  • I ran out of busybodying so finally went to my tent.

    Shadow Games

  • Damn Elspeth, for a hare-brained, careless, wanton, ogling little slut, and damn Solomon for a horny thief who hadn't the decency to be content with women of his own beastly colour, and damn this officious, bloodthirsty lunatic Brooke - who the devil was he to go busybodying about uninvited, dragging me into his idiot enterprises?

    Flashman's Lady

  • Many of our conservative brethren have completely bought into that, and let's face it, some of our people do spend more time busybodying other people, while keeping the mirror of righteousness well away from themselves.

    Latest Articles

  • Nannying and busybodying generally aren’t recognized as part of those services, even though certain interests are trying to make themso.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Double Standard of Libertarian Paternalism


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