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  • n. A butcher's shop; a store that sells meat.


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butcher +‎ shop


  • Then we go to the Kosher butchershop and that is really obscene.

    Page 2

  • From Perón's glittering Buenos Aires to the rustic hills of Rio de Janeiro, from the haven of a Montevideo butchershop to U.S. embassy halls, The Invisible Mountain celebrates a nation’s spirit, the will to survive in the most desperate of circumstances, and the fierce and complex connections between mother and daughter.

    The Invisible Mountain: Summary and book reviews of The Invisible Mountain by Carolina De Robertis.

  • The medical team that did the removal surgery had to cut and carve out organs, flesh, in what must have been a butchershop of cutting.

    Printing: American Freak-- Surgery and Other Treatments Needed

  • It's fairly simple really, just go get your meat at a kosher butchershop and go to the market and buy stuff that's kosher.

    A Look Into Jewish Kosher Dietary Laws

  • Ask me how streets were lighted, if at all, in fourteenth-century Paris, or what an eighteenth-century peruke was made of, or how they wrapped lard in a New England butchershop in 1926.

    Time and Again

  • Right next door, on this astonishing Fifth Avenue, stood Henry Tyson's Fifth Avenue Market, apparently a butchershop because I caught a glimpse of skinned carcasses hanging in rows.

    Time and Again

  • We have cases where the small farmer sells a chicken for three pesos and then goes to fight at the butchershop so that the revolution, the people, the state, will sell him meat at 43 centavos.


  • These things are secrets of the craft, but I may hint that there is a very suitable hook in a butchershop around the corner.

    Wappin' Wharf A Frightful Comedy of Pirates

  • I have stood outside a butchershop and watched a horde of speculative housewives turning over the trimmings and scraps and shreds of beef and mutton -- dog-meat in the States.

    Coffee-Houses and Doss-Houses

  • The public mind is so sensitive that a butchershop must keep to a back street and slaughter pen must get out of town, but this butchery of human life and spoliation of human character can go on in the principal streets of Atlanta and other towns and cities.

    Country life in Georgia in the days of my youth,


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