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  • n. A genus of plants, type of the family Butomaceæ.


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  • The flowering Rush, or water gladiole, which grows by the banks of rivers is called botanically "butomus," from the Greek, _bous_, an ox, and _temno_, to cut, because the sharp edges of the erect three-cornered leaf-blades wound the cattle which come in contact with them, or try to eat them.

    Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure

  • Near the water's edge, mingling with sedges, flags, marsh-mallows, bur-reed, and alisma, were the golden flowers of the shrubby lysimachia in dense multitudes, while from the canal itself rose many a spike of water-stachys, with here and there blossoming butomus, near the fringe of the banks.

    Two Summers in Guyenne


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