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  • n. Plural form of butting.


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  • Do you want proof that you instigate these head buttings, answer this - to what church denomination do I belong?

    TEXAS FAITH: Is wickedness soluble in good deeds? | RELIGION Blog |

  • As my business is not to lay out the geographical situation of places, I say nothing of the buttings and boundings of this county.

    A Tour through the Eastern Counties of England, 1722

  • In the heavening he gives up the tigger, and comes out as the paige, in a fansy jackit, with too rose of guilt buttings, wich makes him the perfeck immidge of Mr. Widdycomb, that ice sea in the serkul at Hashley's Amphitheatre.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, July 24, 1841

  • Now and again I heard a thumping at the hall door, which arose from the buttings of the goat when the food was not forthcoming, and the mother's example was followed by her two little kids.

    Fun and Frolic

  • And my washin's what I call washin ', "said Deborah, emphatically;" no lost buttings and tored sheets and ragged collars.

    The Opal Serpent

  • If a comfort-loving animal, he will probably be no gainer by the change, more serious alarms and no less ill-usage awaits him; he hears the roar of the wild beasts and the headlong gallop of the frightened herds, and he finds the buttings and the kicks of other animals harder to endure than the blows from which he fled.

    Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development

  • The proportions of the head cause the eyes to look small; the weight of the head itself is, however, much diminished by the hollow cavities in front, which make it almost a vain attempt to try to kill an elephant by shooting him in the forehead; for the balls lodge in these cells: they so protect the brain, which is the seat of feeling, that fearful buttings are practised with impunity by these animals.

    Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals

  • A goat and her kids frequented a square in which I once lived, and were often fed by myself and servants; a circumstance which would have made no impression, had I not heard a thumping at the hall door, which arose from the buttings of the goat when the food was not forthcoming, and whose example was followed by the two little things.

    Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals

  • The death bleatings and buttings of the quadrupedal offering of antiquity have been polished by the hands of time and of civilization, and, as a result of this process, we get the dying whisper of Rachel in the part of Adrienne Lecouvreur, and the fearfully realistic "kicking" of the modern Croisette in the poisoning scene of

    From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan

  • From this fixed position they are sure not to move, until hands are laid upon them, and then for the shins of a novice, we can extend our sympathy; or if he can preserve the skin on his bones from the furious buttings of its head, we know how to congratulate him on his signal success and good luck.

    Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and conditions of the North American Indians


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