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  • n. Any of several species of small terrestrial birds in the genus Turnix of the family Turnicidae.


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button +‎ quail


  • Worcester’s buttonquail (Turnix worcesteri) was rediscovered in the Philippines, after it was photographed by a documentary crew who didn't realize it was very rare; the bird was caught, then sold in a market and eaten.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • It is the only locality in the country for striped buttonquail Turnix sylvatica, bristled grass warbler Chaetornis striatus andslender-billed babbler Turdoides longirostris.

    Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal

  • There also were natural grasslands in valley bottoms and on plateaus, as evidenced by the presence of several endemic buttonquail taxa needing grasslands.

    Luzon rain forests

  • The Border Ranges are the center of distribution for the pouched frog (Assa darlingtoni) and harbor a number of restricted range birds, including the black-breated buttonquail (Turnix melanogaster VU).

    Eastern Australian temperate forests

  • Four of these species are considered vulnerable: Sumba buttonquail (Turnix everetti), red-naped fruit-dove (Ptilinopus dohertyi), Sumba boobook (Ninox rudolfi), and Sumba hornbill (Aceros everetti).

    Sumba deciduous forests

  • In the lower reaches of the river, red-crowned crane Grus japonensis (EN), hooded crane Grus monacha* (VU), oriental stork Ciconia boyciana (EN), black stork Ciconia nigra*, yellow-legged buttonquail Turnix tanki, Far Eastern curlew Numenius madagascariensis and grey-faced buzzard Butastur indicus* are present.

    Central Sikhote-Alin, Russian Federation

  • At least eleven threatened bird species (IUCN categories VU and above) occur in the ecoregion, and two others may be present, but their distributions are poorly known (brown-banded rail [Lewinia mirificus] and Luzon buttonquail [Turnix worcesteri]).

    Luzon montane rain forests

  • Restricted range and globally threatened birds present in Cape York Peninsula include the buff-breasted buttonquail (Turnix olivii EN), golden-shouldered parrot (Psephotus chrysopterygius EN), lovely fairywren (Malurus amabilis), white-streaked honeyeater (Trichodere cockerelli), and yellow-spotted honeyeater (Meliphaga notata).

    Cape York tropical savanna


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