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  • n. Plural form of buzzing.


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  • Ambient brass sounds thicken into electronic buzzings and then stop dead; drum pieces with Indian-percussion booms and rocking piano figures develop orchestral, bowed-bass drones and then melodiously groove.

    Portico Quartet: Portico Quartet – review

  • For the walls of rain we traced our hands like fireworks together once on, I say this poem shall stay there, for all those grand loud insect buzzings we attended to like the biggest fans in  the world, want this song to last.

    The Ubiquitous Urn

  • The clinking glasses and barritone buzzings had altogether subsided.


  • To maintain the embrace of those magic thighs, to serve the Dark Lord, the screams of the dying -- yours, mine, your children's, and those of brownish foreigners who don't even deserve a passing mention their lives are so worthless -- the screams become no more than gnats 'buzzings.

    Leonce Gaiter: Harry Potter And The Political Class

  • I have stalled out my MG 1600A on a bridge high over Bayou Nezpique and in the midnight-black dark, a darkness filled with lives, buzzings, wispings, whiffings, far down below the bridge you could smell that blacked out bayou's flow, an ancient odor of prehistoric life that lived within the flow of that bayou, that bayou on that night with the invisible face--its face seen in its smell.


  • Imaginary buzzings also added to her bewilderment.

    A Simple Soul

  • Delilah turned her face up and let the sun warm it as she listened to the soft buzzings of insects in the grass, and the motion of air through the leaves of the trees.

    Something Unpredictable

  • I have faith that what stands in front of me is there indeed, and that the sounds which come to me from outside are not just the buzzings of my own insanity, but are the stirrings of creatures full of life.

    Jacob's Ladder

  • The absence of those buzzings and whinings that come from the innumerable dynamos, ventilating fans, refrigerating machines and motors that are never silent … [and which now were silent] made audible other sounds: the echo of voices through the long steel alleyways, the strange gurgling of water where no water should be.

    Castles of Steel

  • She had picked the part of it up that appeared designed to fit against the head and heard buzzings and beeps.

    Lilith’s Dream: A Tale of the Vampire Life


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