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  • n. Plural form of buzzphrase.


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  • They often coin the buzzphrases one sees on the Internet, and their zillion members are the main manufacturers of the picture “macros” that you see scattered about the place.

    One Small Thing « Whatever

  • Or, to put it more simply in the way "buzzphrases" try to do storm destruction to each of the neighbors' property was over 50 percent.

    Over and Under

  • The DMZ residents have to provide their own food and create their own fuel, and without sounding preachy, the comic gives us a few models for “sustainable” living, that buzziest of buzzphrases.

    Definitive Bush-era Fiction, eh?

  • This is "redistribution of wealth" and "government takeover of industry" on the grandest scale imaginable -- the buzzphrases that have been thrown around for decades to represent all that is evil and bad in the world.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • This was the case that caused Pat Leahy to have a genuine and intense outburst of rage after Alberto Gonazles placidly recited his mindless buzzphrases to defend the administration's conduct here.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • That is how he testifies - he comes prepared with a menu of empty, platitudinous buzzphrases that he repeats over and over no matter the question.

    The Grave and Epic War -- Spending time with Alberto Gonzales, Orrin Hatch and Russ Feingold

  • They don't have the power to snap their fingers and hypnotize zombified Americans by exploiting a New Jersey court ruling on civil unions, or a John Kerry comment, or moronic buzzphrases and slogans designed to hide the truth Americans heard all about how Democrats would bring their "San Francisco values" and their love of The Terrorists to Washington, and that moved nobody.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • Bush's advisors have him throwing around buzzphrases designed to suggest that our commitment is something other than permanent.

    The President's vow today to stay in Iraq

  • Following closely on the rear of the "flexibility" buzzphrases are clear proclamations that we are never leaving "until the job is done."

    The President's vow today to stay in Iraq

  • It smacks of anti-choice cliche w/ buzzphrases such as “life of convenience.”

    Regarding Amy Richards & Abortion


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