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  • n. Plural form of buzzsaw.


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  • And the fact of the matter is, both teams 'players might have been a shade overconfident going into their respective games last Saturday but both surely ran into proverbial "buzzsaws" for opponents that had already incurred one loss this season. Blogs

  • A Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Long Life mood: Bummer music: hammering and buzzsaws outside

    A Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Long Life

  • But buzzsaws tend to work against the cuteness factor ... Cute Beats Smart?

  • I'd want, at least, buzzsaws and laser beams on my robot. Cute Beats Smart?

  • Meanwhile, construction on new apartment blocks proceeds apace for this is valuable real estate and the whine of buzzsaws fills the air.

    Poor nutrition stunts growth of nearly half of under-fives in Bangladesh

  • The band has found that sweet spot where the genres intersect, meaning there are plenty of hooks delivered by guitars that stop just short of doubling as buzzsaws.

    Nightlife Agenda

  • The other one can change his skeleton into a near-indestructible metal and can change his hands into various, though limited objects, such as magnets, buzzsaws, and drills.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Creating Weaknesses for Your Superheroes

  • But all told, it wasn't much worse than what we hear every morning--the house next door is still being remodeled and the drilling and buzzsaws and hammering and what-have-you all go on from 9 am till one or two, depending.

    Aha! So It's Not Just Me!

  • It is an eclectic assemblage of tunes ranging from AC/DC's "Hell's Bells," a heavy-metal ditty that sounds as though it had been recorded by an orchestra of buzzsaws, to such seemingly innocuous fare as Don McLean's "American Pie" and the Bee Gees '"Stayin' Alive. "

    Musical Torture Instruments

  • So, quite naturally and very predictably, the arrival of this calm, confident Obama on the stage, a man capable of explaining both himself and his positions in clear English sentences filled with verbs that are not employed as buzzsaws, has been greeted with relief and expectation by so many who have spent the past years taping their eyelids open whenever a politician spoke.

    Mike Barnicle: Driving Through History


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