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  • Prefix originally denoting a town or city
  • Prefix denoting nearness
  • Prefix meaning secondary, incidental, or parallel to


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From Middle English by ("town"), of North Germanic origin, from Old Norse bȳr ("dwelling, town"), from Proto-Germanic *būwiz (“dwelling”), from Proto-Indo-European *bhōw- (“to dwell”). Cognate with Danish by ("town"). More at bower.

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Partly from a combining form of by ("by, near, around"), and partly continuing Middle English bi-, by-, from Old English bī- ("by, near, around"), from Proto-Germanic *bi (“near”), from Proto-Indo-European *obhi, *ebhi (“by”).


  • Their essence is political, in the right way, with these other benefits almost as by- products.

    Johnny West: Give it Back! Direct Citizen Oil Dividends in Iraq, Why Not?

  • We should enforce--we should forbid the Libyan navy from leaving its bases because they've sought to leave their ports to shell coastal cities held by-

    Why Public Unions Are No Bargain

  • Average commodity prices used to off-set (by- product credit basis) or allocate (co-product basis) cash costs are the monthly weighted average realized prices based on invoiced shipments.

  • Still, rice millers are concerned about buying new crops from areas near the plant as the current cesium standard, applied to brown rice, doesn't ensure the safety of its by- products, including bran. -- Top News

  • `2 COMMENCEMENT OF ACTION- An action under this subsection may be instituted by-

    Crooks and Liars

  • To the OWS folks that are really struggling to get by- I wish you the best, I hope some measure of support gets to you before it is too late. -- Top News

  • I am usually a by- the- book type of person but I find nothing but sympathy and grief for this young man.

    News -

  • Looks like you do, too, drive by- I see nothing in your posts that dies not read align the lines of "don't rub it in". Top headlines


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