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  • n. Plural form of by-way (alternative spelling of byways).


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  • Reagan wandered the highways and by-ways preaching the new gospel: Give us all your money, and somehow, some way, some day, we will make you rich in return.

    Lance Mannion:

  • Eric Malcoff enthusiasm for the by-ways of pornography turned me into a voyeur of the first water.

    Hitting the Road: Unhooking the BRA

  • Panic ensues, servants flee, taking the silver with them (a problem only to Corf and his wealthy, clubbish friends), horses are confiscated for food and as stray dogs begin to disappear from the streets, corpses began to appear in them and in the by-ways and countrysides.

    “. . . in the stiff, dead fingers, the petition of his slaves who toiled in Hell's Bottom.”

  • There are miles upon miles after miles of highways, streets, by-ways, and trails across America, all of which are bordered by living beings.

    STOP Trashing Our Lives

  • Public lands are all of those lands that belong to the public such as parks, forests, grasslands, scenic by-ways and waterways.

    National Public Lands Day & Environmental Education

  • Peterman: Eschewing the carbon fiber trend in clothing and bike frames, the urbane commuter nonchalantly plies the Brooklyn to Manhattan by-ways in a looks-bespoke-but-is-not baggy jersey, tartan cycling kilt and matching knee socks.

    The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Riding in Circles

  • The Public Transportation and Biking Map identifies bike trails, pedestrian urban walking trails, greenways, parks, scenic views and by-ways, waterways, transportation facilities, and environmental amenities in Easton.

    US Cities Going Green with Google Maps

  • Back in February I wandered the highways and by-ways of Iowa for a week and have to say I found the place delightful.

    Dear clusterflock: | clusterflock

  • So we went on by little lanes and by-ways across the sanddunes and flat country that lie between Belgium and Holland.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • It therefore makes sense to ignore the cultural by-ways of the inner and outer circle speakers and their societies and concentrate on what a knowledge of English can REALLY doforthe world.

    2009 November « Ken Wilson's Blog


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