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  • n. Any fish (or other creatures) that are not targeted as a catch but are unintentionally caught, and often discarded back into the sea.
  • v. To catch unintentionally while fishing for something else.

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  • n. unwanted marine creatures that are caught in the nets while fishing for another species


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From by- +‎ catch.


  • The organisation wants to call attention to the problem of dolphin bycatch in fishing nets and wants to inspire people to adopt endangered dolphins from the north sea.

    Golfinhos / Dolphins

  • Every year they hook, maim and kill hundreds of thousands of unintended victims -- called "bycatch" -- including turtles, seabirds, whales, sharks, and dolphins.

    Matt Rigney: The BP Oil Spill: Spilt Milk

  • They have a high "bycatch" - they trap a large quantity of untargeted species, the majority of which are thrown back, dead or dying, into the sea.

    GOOD Main

  • A potentially thorny outcome of fishing a broader range of species is that, in addition to catching high-value species such as salmon, fishing operators would also pull up numerous low-value fish, known as bycatch, that would otherwise be avoided or caught inadvertently and tossed back.

    Scientific American

  • "Factory" fishing practices like bottom trawling empties the sea of life-much of which is thrown away dead, as useless "bycatch" - while utterly destroying habitat.

    Popular Science

  • As vaquita populations approach a critically low number, scientists maintain that accidental "bycatch" of vaquita in fishing nets must be reduced to zero and that removal of all gillnets from the animal's entire range is the only way to accomplish zero mortality.

    Biodiversity 100: actions for the Americas

  • Trawlers (which drag large nets through the water and along the ocean floor) and longline fishers (which can deploy thousands of baited hooks on lines that can stretch for miles) take a heavy toll on turtles (as well as other species of "bycatch," including sharks and even seabirds).

    A Struggle for the Sea Turtles

  • Commercial fishing vessels have employed nonselective fishing methods such as trawling, purse seines, and long-line fishing that harvest and destroy a great deal of sea life known as bycatch that isn’t their intended product.


  • Similarly, nontarget fish and other sea animals who are discarded as "bycatch" if not already dead will fall victim to swarming birds or slowly bleed to death in the water.

    The Guardian World News

  • By far the greatest threat they face is from commercial fishermen, who accidentally reel in 30 to 85 vaquitas as "bycatch" every year. News of the Underwater World


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