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  • interj. The sound of a buzzer or of electricity.


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  • Guardian. Google Buzz reaction from the web is more of a 'bzzt' at best - 4 hrs ago

    LXer Linux News

  • Google Buzz reaction from web is more of a 'bzzt' at best

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • I told him that when he was choking I could take the tube and go "bzzt" and get the saliva out for him.

    Dream Mom

  • Legal strategy at issue in Michigan State altercation "that asserted the criminal charges filed against nine Spartans were probably just crap to get" the truth "- about which see" bzzt "link above and the additional charges levied to Oren Wilson and Myles White?


  • Last Wednesday night, we could hear the ominous creaking of tree limbs sagging under the weight of the heavy, wet snow — and then snapping and crashing, and the bzzt! and flashes of light as wires were yanked from transformers.

    A satisfied Pepco customer

  • Sufficiently childish enough that even grown adults for 2 hours go vroom, bzzt, and kapow.

    The Lie of Star Wars as Entertainment « Whatever

  • #1.13 - Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:26 PM EDT bzzt wrong. the correct answer was crazy. not iowan. crazy. Top headlines

  • Move on to more complex examples and have them dissect, in class, with you, the mode of argument, using the Holden-Caulfield "irrelevant" buzzer -- if a student begins to engage with the point being made, bzzt.

    Wired Campus

  • He replied, and I just nodded, saying something like "ugh brr hmm bzzt ehm".

    Pounding The Rock

  • Isaac Newton: "What do you mean 'gravity is Bzzt-bzzt?"

    Portland Mercury


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