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  • n. Symbol for the centiampere, an SI unit of electrical current equal to 10−2 amperes.


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  • I can hear it now Hey Dick, if you run for office, there's no way they can continue to put you on trial for misleading the/congress and the senate, divuldging a cA operative, Lying to the american People, and creating the environment for an illegal war for the sole intention of corpoorate profits ....... dude!

    Cheney hits 'radical' Obama

  • We think of c as a name for the element cA in the structure A, and likewise with the other symbols.

    First-order Model Theory

  • “Devotion” and “cA Fine Set of Teeth” feature characters created in my novels.


  • He walked until he found the mill cottage he'd lived in those few short weeks and was pleas cA to see how nicely all the houses on the street had been renovated.

    Only You

  • El folleto indica que el cristianismo y la ciencia no estA n en conflicto y muestra cA mo el denominado big bang refuta el ateA smo, confirma el teA smo, apunta a un Creador y DiseA ador del universo, socava la evoluciA n materialista y confirma el mensaje de la Biblia

    Reasons To Believe -

  • There is perfect risk-sharing amongst active households, and these agents have identical consumption for aggregate state st: cA (st, γ) = cA (st).

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  • For cA cI 1 − α where cI = µ + A, the middle panel of Figure 3 shows that this curve is downward sloping.

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  • ¯ (32) The fi rst equation represents the combination of values of γ and cA that satisfy goods market ¯ γ ¯ clearing, and can be used to express the fraction of rebalancers (i.e., γu) as a function of their 7 Given that these equations are static, we simplify our notation, ignoring that these variables depend on st. consumption.

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  • For cA > cI, the state-contingent transfer of an active household (i.e. x = cA − cI) is positive, as is the cost of transferring funds.

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  • In the endogenous rebalancing model, this intersection occurs at a point in which cA > cI, though consumption of a rebalancer is not much higher than the consumption of a non-rebalancer, re fl ecting their purchase of the annuity.

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