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  • initialism biology Abbreviated form of cylindrical inclusion.


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  • But because I'm black and American and they're Down Under … cI thought, OK, so I'll give this lecture.

    The Write Stuff

  • The date 1619 would therefore be thus printed: -- cI [R 'c'].

    Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)

  • For large monetary contractions, households real money balances are high and the cost of making the state-contingent transfer becomes negative, since x = cA − cI extension of the neoclassical framework by incorporating segmentation between asset and goods markets.

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  • However, a rise in the consumption of active households, all else equal, makes it more attractive to make the state contingent transfer, and thus for cA > cI, the MR schedule is increasing.

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  • For σ = 2, the middle panel of Figure 3 shows that this curve is a parabola with a minimum occurring at cI.

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  • For cA > cI, the state-contingent transfer of an active household (i.e. x = cA − cI) is positive, as is the cost of transferring funds.

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  • For cA cI 1 − α where cI = µ + A, the middle panel of Figure 3 shows that this curve is downward sloping.

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  • In the endogenous rebalancing model, this intersection occurs at a point in which cA > cI, though consumption of a rebalancer is not much higher than the consumption of a non-rebalancer, re fl ecting their purchase of the annuity.

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  • They tracked the dynamics of three key genes - cro, cI and cII - and their protein production.


  • If the number of co-infecting viruses exceeded a certain threshold, the positive feedback loop associated with cI dominated, turning the switch to the lysogenic pathway.



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