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  • n. Plural form of cabin.


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  • I have not always put the name on all mine, but if you want to find them, go to www. or Pop Art on the web and type in "cabins" or "houses" or just look through it and see what you like.


  • Unless you stay in cabins do not hang around late in the area.

    Any Chiapas backroad driving experts?

  • Well by that point, Obama will have followed through on his threat to build a FEMA “gulag” so they would all be sent there and be put in cabins with nice padded walls and “nice” people in white coats who give them pills to make them stop having delusions …

    Think Progress » Tea Party sign threatens gun violence if health care passes.

  • Then came the "end-of-the-worlders" who wrote scare books suggesting we all buy gold coins and hide them under the floors of our mountain cabins, next to the shotgun and fierce attack dog.

    Don't Fight The Tape On Gold, Just Buy It

  • That contractor has cheap colored labor that he transports, and he puts them in cabins, and it is labor of that sort that is in competition with white labor throughout the country

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Bruce Bartlett’s Attack on Libertarianism

  • Park Rangers live and sleep in cabins while you city slickers are in tents, watching Golden Girls and smacking on Oreo Cookies!

    On A Rocky Mountain Grizzly Hunt

  • Some years there were crayfish-inspired shenanigans, such as pranks involving hiding crayfish in cabins, duct taping carcasses to bottle rockets and holding crayfish olympics.

    Pursuers of Alien Invaders Eat Their Fill of What They Kill

  • They would be encouraged to take English gold, and encouraged to drink a glass of dark rum in English cabins, and encouraged to sell lobsters to blue-coated Englishmen, and in return they would tell a plausible lie or two on behalf of Henri Lassan.

    Sharpe's Siege

  • I have seen wedding cabins, that is to say cabins decorated all over with mirrors and brilliantly lighted up, intended for couples on their wedding journey.

    Memoirs (Vieux Souvenirs) of the Prince de Joinville

  • He could not, to be sure, go far from the house; but even to clump up and down the veranda and the plank walks that connected the cabins was a joy.

    The Story of Porcelain


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