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  • adj. Capable of receiving unscrambled cable television signals directly, as a television set or tuner, without additional equipment such as a frequency converter box.


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  • Chris, who installs home theaters, knew that his uncle's cable-ready tv didn't require a cable box.

    The Consumerist: February 2009 Archives

  • It may be a while, but we may start to get people hacking their cable-ready sets the way they have been hacking their iPhones.

    Cable May Open Up Just a Bit - Bits Blog -

  • In areas such as immigration and national security policy, for instance, the Washington Independent did stand-out work, providing full-flesh coverage of stories that tended to only get tidy cable-ready soundbytes elsewhere.

    Washington Independent Signs Off After Three Years On The Web

  • I remember my first cable-ready TV and then my first computer, and it reminds me that the train indeed kept a-rollin 'all night long.

    Video Killed the Radio Star

  • The same is true of other violent rhetoric - rhetoric beamed night after night from every cable-ready television in the country.

    RJ Eskow: Freedom, Speech, and Consequences: O'Reilly and Accountability

  • Yes, and those among us who feel betrayed by an Obama movement interruptus have every right to be outraged, and incensed, at the massaging, and tweaking, of the candidate to make him cable-ready on election day.

    Positional Vertigo

  • In contrast, Perfume is more perverse, dishonest and anachronistic, by larding on the fish guts and filth, while gilding the violence with 21st century tits and cable-ready soft-core orgies rooted in 20th century male fantasy.

    Thelma Adams: Perfume: It Smells Like Hypocrisy

  • In a time of relative peace and prosperity, a cable-ready nation is looking for action and inspiration -- and generally not finding either.

    Look Who's Running

  • The cable-ready compassion was cloyingly stagy, but give the former head of the Red Cross credit for candor in accounting: Dole's campaign committee paid for the trip.

    The Kosovo Primary

  • “Two bedrooms, one bathroom, eat-in kitchen with a breakfast nook, cable-ready and wired for high-speed Internet,” Charlene says without taking a breath.

    Occupational Hazards


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