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  • n. Plural form of cachinnation.


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  • And at black midnight, from the lonely cross-roads where he turned from town into his own place, came his plaguey cachinnations to rouse me from my sleep and make me writhe and clench my nails into my palms.


  • Nameless is infuriated that Claverhouse, whose very name is hateful and ridiculous, is always happy, optimistic, cheerful, always laughing his annoying, Gargantuan, laugh ( "his plaguey cachinnations").

    “. . .all his race rose up before him in a mighty phantasmagoria. . .”

  • How delicately may he modulate his merriment, and control his cachinnations, establishing a regular gamut, rising from the titter to the guffaw, abating from the irrepressible horse-laugh to the gratified snigger.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 61, No. 376, February, 1847

  • Another perfect thing from this diverting piece, followed also by Homeric cachinnations, was the mock-serious apophthegm: "If a cloud is going to support a lady of substantial proportions, you must make it fairly solid."

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 152, May 23, 1917

  • Her merry peals of laughter rang through the woods with an echo that sounded as if all the trees had taken up the chorus, and supported her in bursts of silvery-toned cachinnations.

    Fern Vale (Volume 1) or the Queensland Squatter

  • With these reflections, and an occasional outbreak of reminiscent cachinnations on the part of the junior, the brothers dropt off to sleep, tired with the day's journey and the events of the night.

    Fern Vale (Volume 1) or the Queensland Squatter

  • Instead, however, of their laughter lessening, the cachinnations became so violent that I began to feel seriously alarmed.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, August 21, 1841

  • I began to laugh, Larry joined me, and then Kra and Gulk joined in our merriment with deep batrachian cachinnations and gruntings.

    The Moon Pool

  • Mr. Daney's honest cachinnations now were so infectious that Nan commenced to laugh with him -- heartily, but no longer with that strident little note of resentment, and cumulatively, as Mr. Daney's mirth mounted until the honest fellow's tears cascaded across his ruddy cheeks.

    Kindred of the Dust

  • My two uncles turned from my indignant form to regard each other; then, all at once, the grim lips of my uncle Jervas twitched, quivered to a flash of white teeth, but his laughter was drowned by uncle George's cachinnations where he stood on one leg, slapping at the other brawny thigh until the dust flew.

    Peregrine's Progress


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