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  • n. Plural form of cacodemon.


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  • For if no one has seen farfadets, or lemures, or dives, or peris, or demons, or cacodemons, the predictions of astrologers have often been found true.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • "Ha! is it thou, my minikin -- my miller's thumb -- my prince of cacodemons -- my little mouse?"


  • The men in the shadows possessed by the reptilian powers direct the puppets to act on behalf of the cacodemons, the lines to power may be harder to trace than we realize.

    media monarchy

  • If the cacodemons exist, and the new empire will be run by a demonic Avatar then we must understand the process instead of using prejudice as a base for our opinions.

    media monarchy

  • Sometimes we need to unwind, put our feet up, relax a little, possibly vaporise some cacodemons with a plasma rifle. news business sport the Daily Telegraph newspaper Sunday Telegraph

  • Avoid the terrifying confrontations with cacodemons and lost souls that infest Inferno.

    PrintScreen - Capturing the buzz

  • “Ha! is it thou, my minikin — my miller’s thumb — my prince of cacodemons — my little mouse?”


  • (CTRL+ALT+~) and type "r_ with visions of imps and cacodemons you from behind closed doors, claw at gamma 1.3" This cranks up the gamma a smidge, dancing in our heads. your face, and scream and writhe as you making the game appear crisper and a touch Once the game arrived and we began send them back to hell. brighter, but still keeps it dark enough to remain playing, we were overwhelmed by There's a story in the game, but consistent with how it's supposed to look. mixed emotions.

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