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  • n. Plural form of cacolet.


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  • The French seem to have been afforded very good service by the so-called cacolets -- saddle horses with pack saddles for the sick and wounded.

    Operations Upon the Sea A Study

  • At last, at about nine o'clock in the morning, appears a long train of mules with "cacolets," {5} and led by

    Sac-Au-Dos 1907

  • For the British infantry it meant, substantially, that behind each battalion a medical officer and two non-commissioned officers should march, accompanied by six camels bearing cacolets, and men with nine stretchers.

    Khartoum Campaign, 1898 or the Re-Conquest of the Soudan

  • What sounds there were seemed to come from a great distance: the soft pad-pad of the camels, the creaking of the cacolets swaying high and low and the moans of the tortured men in them, the uneven beat of hoofs, and mingled with every sound was the monotonous crunching of waggon-wheels on the rough ground.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • Alongside them came another long column of ambulance-carts drawn by mules, beyond which, again, marched the auxiliary branch of the medical service, the camels, soft-footed and supercilious, with the white hoods of the cacolets swaying unevenly as they marched.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • We wanted sleepers, rails, and locomotives for the railway; pipes, pumps, and other materials for the water-supply; waggons, motor-lorries and light-cars for transport purposes; sand-carts, cacolets, and ambulances for the R.A.M.C.; and, with the exception of most kinds of vegetables, food.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • Each camel carried two cacolets, one clamped to each side of a specially constructed saddle.

    With Our Army in Palestine

  • There are people who can still remember, on the roads of Périgord, the _cacolets_ carrying merry parties to marriage feasts and other gatherings.

    Two Summers in Guyenne

  • Artillery, the other having been left in the zareba, while the centre of the square was filled with camels carrying water, ammunition, and cacolets or swinging beds for the carriage of the wounded.

    The Dash for Khartoum A Tale of Nile Expedition

  • Among them lay camels which had been hamstrung or speared by the natives, broken cacolets, and water tanks and skins, medical stores, and a confusion of articles of all kinds.

    The Dash for Khartoum A Tale of Nile Expedition


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