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  • n. Plural form of caddisfly.


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  • Another way to imitate emerging mayflies or caddisflies is to use a technique called the Leisenring Lift.

    When Nothing's Rising

  • It is caused by aquatic insects, such as caddisflies and mayflies that are infected with Neorickettsia risticii. Headlines

  • I don't see anything visit the flowers, but there are several dead flies, beetles and caddisflies caught in the sticky tangle of leaf hairs.

    Country diary: Elton, Cambridgeshire

  • Over 100 species of caddisflies and stoneflies are found, including stonefly endemics such as Megaloptera williamsi, Hansonoperla appalachia, several Capnia species and Acroneuria lycorias (found only in Sevier County).

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park, United States

  • Although adult caddisflies are terrestrial, all North American species have aquatic larvae.

    Insecta (Aquatic)

  • Larval caddisflies are very similar in appearance to lepidopteran caterpillars, but caddisflies have only one pair of prolegs on their abdominal segments while caterpillars have many.

    Insecta (Aquatic)

  • The head capsule of larval caddisflies and their first two thoracic segments are sclerotized.

    Insecta (Aquatic)

  • Adult caddisflies look like moths, but their wings are covered with tiny hairs.

    Insecta (Aquatic)

  • The eggs of caddisflies are laid in a gelatinous matrix either in or out of water.

    Insecta (Aquatic)

  • Mass emergences of caddisflies are often a nuisance to people because the adults are attracted to lights and some people are allergic to the setae on their wings.

    Insecta (Aquatic)


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