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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of cadge.


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  • (As any young person who has cadged a down payment from parents can attest, intergenerational wealth transfers are a particularly efficient way of gaining a foothold in homeownership and so building wealth.)

    Study: Racial Wealth Gap Widened Over the Last Generation | Impact Lab

  • He had been cadged for drinks before by the old cannibal, and the sternest tambo Grief and McTavish had laid down was the one forbidding alcohol to the natives of New Gibbon.


  • From his customers he cadged two lamps, two chairs, a mattress, and a card table.


  • Zimbabwe Africans told me that when they tried to start a businesslike a shop, or a farm, or a barand they failed because at the first sign of success their relatives showed up and cadged from them, or implored them to pay their relatives’ school fees.

    An Interview with Paul Theroux

  • I cadged tobacco, poor cheap tobacco, from poor doddering old chaps trembling on the edge of dissolution.


  • Just twenty-three years old, Washington had a compulsion to brag while he cadged money.

    George Washington’s First War

  • If you want to see why that's unexpected, check out the chart I cadged from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: After the Great Depression, inequality fell and didn't recover until 2007.

    Inequality back at record highs

  • In addition to vowing "to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance" -- wording (it must be revealed) Washington cadged from the letter of invitation from the Congregation's warden Moses Seixas -- the new president underscored the "immunities of citizenship" (also Seixas 'term) and expanded with this important distinction the new nation would make:

    Carla Seaquist: A Mosque at Ground Zero: Desperately Seeking George Washington's Wisdom

  • Today, a non-traditional news web site, WikiLeaks, which has its own mystery and secretiveness, apparently cracked a US government encryption code (so, how good can those codes be?) and released stunning and revealing classified helicopter gunship footage they'd cadged from a source.

    The Wikileaks Incident: How Social Media has Changed Warfare Coverage

  • To paraphrase Spider-Man (who cadged this one from Abe Lincoln), with great opportunity comes great responsibility not to muck everything up.

    The hard work falls to the regulators


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