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  • n. Plural form of caesura.


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  • But they've also performed another role, offering themselves as places of temporary refuge; caesuras in the day in which my rhythm slows and my mind breathes out for a moment.

    My favourite independent bookshop: Booka, Oswestry

  • He lets the rhythm sing instead by end-stopping frequently, with many marked caesuras, in short, by judicious rushing and pausing he plays the harp of his common iambic pentameters. from → Poetry

    Goliath « Unknowing

  • And others refer to the dynamics of sound and the performance of sounds – stanzas, caesuras, and the judicious use of punctuation.

    The Reading : Kwame Dawes : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • You read by proactively looking for flaws: cliches, weak diction, randomness around those line breaks or caesuras, stultifying ego...and when you find those problems, you are glad as it means you can more rapidly go on to the next manuscript on stack -- this was my initial screening experience and those that passed muster on this round, I then tried to read from a more pleasurable point of view.


  • The colours in a painting, and the choice of words and the rhythm of sentences in a novel are all but traces, ellipses, elisions, and caesuras that suggest in the negative, just as much as the elements positively indicate the contours of a certain perspective onto the world.

    Existentialist Aesthetics

  • Dashes everywhere; caesuras where you least expect them, undeniable melodic control, polysyllabics eerily shifting to monosyllabics.

    'White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson'

  • So that, in a way, Regan is physically manifesting what many poets aim for in sculpting poems with caesuras, or utilizing parataxis....and what the reader then "reads" could be more than what was *intended* by the poet or, per the sculpture, one could see/sense something in the distance between the two dogs that's no longer just the rope.


  • I appreciate how Tom concludes Thanks to his ability to put line-breaks (and, at times, caesuras) at different points in a sentence, Priego manages to write about one hundred pages of hay(na)ku without falling into monotony.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • One day I learned in school about an alexandrine--and even today I still remember that an alexandrine was a type of poem some oldtimer wrote honoring Alexander the Great--and how an alexandrine fit a certain pattern based on syllabic time counted by iambs and I'll be damned if I learned where the caesuras go.

    Poetic Justice

  • To write is essentially to try to "regain" or "hold back" time, and for this purpose the poet has at his disposal means that the prose-writer lacks: meter and caesuras, syntactic pauses, stressed and unstressed syllables.

    Joseph Brodsky: A Virgilian Hero, Doomed Never to Return Home


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