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  • v. Present participle of caffeinate.


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  • Most mornings I'm caffeinating against the clock as I rush off to my first class or meeting of the day, and realistically I know that's unlikely to change.

    Briallen Hopper: 3 New Year's Resolutions For Christians

  • CM-427 found out the hard way, that being a mobile-coffee dispensing robot, that it was even plagued by the caffeinating effects of the coffee.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Sketch a Day: 02-23-2008

  • I fell asleep in a chair, but I'd been living on diet Coke, caffeinating myself, and I jerked awake, pitched over on my face and really banged up my ankle.

    A Brief Tale of Uncompensated Overtime

  • We had quite the fun time, chatting and caffeinating for hours, until tygerlilly had to return to Columbia, and vidicon had to hunt stray cats.

    It's Monday, and I'm a Slut

  • In a short time, we have gained a mandatory appreciation of (addiction to?) the caffeinating effects of coffee.

    2007 Field Note 2 - The Good Life: A Day at Hierakonpolis

  • Presses, mills and other caffeinating paraphernalia line the walls, items of worship in an arabica-based belief system.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • If Seattle's victory at New York showed the no-huddle offense can be like a shot of espresso, caffeinating the offense, then the loss in Cleveland showed that Seattle may need a more balanced diet.

    The Seattle Times

  • I'm pretty sure it's a general health and safety rule that one must not operate power tools or try to put together furniture without first caffeinating oneself.

  • Bernanke seems to be a true believer in the efficacy of the impossible: of the Fed turning on its computers and caffeinating its Ph. D. s and plucking from thin air the correct interest rate that will let markets clear; will minimize, at not too low a level, the rate of inflation; and will guarantee high employment and prosperity for all.

    Reason Magazine - Hit & Run

  • I often found that while I was caffeinating (totally necessary I assure you) some kids started school, some kids snuck away to watch cartoons and a few actually left the house and went outside.

    Tales From The Bonny Blue House


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